Excuse me , which way to the nearest tree? Thanks

Sorry for the delay. Hopefully this file works with no issues , I lowered the resolution to in order to shrink it.

[Mod Note]: Re-encoded video to properly display in web browsers.


What app were you using to view that camera? TinyCam?

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I did use tinycam and I slowed the video down to x.1 on the app and used my screen recorder in order to re-record and edit the video.
For some reason I can’t see the video on here, so I was gonna edit this post and redo it.

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I was able to view it, what browser are you using?



I used hvec codec to compress the video because the size I was gonna use was a MB to long.

Samsung browser , sorry.

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I just downloaded the video to see if there was some sort of issue because it’s not playing for me on here. The download plays with no issues. So I’m not sure why I can’t see it here.

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It could be the browser. I’m not sure :thinking:.

I’m unable to view the video as well (Chrome browser)

Ok you have my attention with your title…but I can’t view your video. Which way is it to the nearest tree? LOL