Excessive number of Events generated

Upgraded my Cam V2 to - now Events are triggered about every 30 minutes. I have narrowed the Detection Zone right down to an area of concrete to avoid leaves etc generating false alerts. Motion Detection Sensitivity is at 10%. Camera is looking out a window to our front entrance. The number of Events prior to was OK. I suspect that clouds moving creating small lighting variations, are triggering the Events?
Now there are so many Events that this Cam (I have used it for a couple of years) it has become useless as a security alert. It has ”cried wolf” too many times.
BTW, may not be relevant, but I am in New Zealand and there was a specific change in this upgrade related to time syncing in Aust & NZ.

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So maybe downgrade the firmware and/or turn on person detection…

Just a shot in the dark but you probably already checked for spider webs or debris close to the camera lens?

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The new person detection is not available outside continental USA

Thanks Hemi, all nice and clean.

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Hi @BrianC The Cam V2 to is same for everyone. We just had DST here last Sunday and there were several problems with the Outdoor Cam time sync but resolved now.

Don’t know what happened to your Motion Detection Sensitivity going haywire. I’d have to guess a noisy power supply? Try another supply and cable +/or unplugging overnight.