Events tab what happened?

What happened to the event screen. Now I gotta scroll more! To see anything.
Can it be reverted?


Can you post a screen shot of what your seeing? And what actual app version are you using?


Here’s a screenshot that I took from the app.


So a description of the problem is: “The event tab is showing the hour header with each individual event and not grouping that hours events together?”. Am I correct? What about the other question I asked the initial User?

If the above problem is correct, have you tried any troubleshooting/ What have you tried? Have you deleted and reinstalled the app? Restarted the phone?

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Yes mine is the same as pic below

Sorry don’t know to add a pic. Gonna go try your suggestion. Reinstall and reboot phone. Brb

Well I did both and fixed it until….

(Edited in) But now when I open app again it’s not fixed. Looks like the screenshots here :frowning:

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Thank you for sharing your pic.

Same issue here since latest app update installed. Screenshot attached.

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I did some suggestions. Restart phone. Delete app and reinstall and it fixed mine
(edited in) until I opened app again.

Thanks. I did all that and still no luck…

Well it worked for me until I went back into app and now its yucky again!

How to add screen shot here on my post

Click reply then use the upload button in the reply window to add a photo. Has an up arrow on it. Hope that helps.

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Yay I did it. Mahalo nui loa (TYSVM) Keith (nice name my son too)

Well that’s weird. I went to look at events and it appears about 5p PST it changes
Edited in. But it shows I posted this discussion 3 hrs ago which would have been 3:30p for me.

Can folks that are having this issue please state their app version numbers please! Thx!


Oh look it was messed up at 3:30
I wonder when I reinstalled the app or restarted phone if I had a short reprieve

Same issue. iOS app version 2.50.5 (4)


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People that are having this issue please! post your app version numbers And what you are using IOS or Android