Event videos show Live feed instead of Event

After a recent software update, I noticed that when I get a notification and check the event video, it says Live on the event and shows me the Live feed. I can’t see the event video for about 10-20 seconds. If the person has gone I don’t see them until the event stops saying Live. There’s also a delay to see the video on Playback. Can someone please advise when this will be fixed? It used to work well.

This was changed some time ago. You just now got the privilege of experiencing it. :frowning:

It has to do with how they handle the viewing of events still in the process of recording.

The old way, with the live slider of the event, was AWS KVS. They abandoned that for the TUTK standard live view.

Now, with this new process, you will have to wait until the video is done recording to the cloud until you can view it.

This has been discussed in great detail here:

It has also been lobbied by many users to be returned to service over the last 3 months (every Fix-it Friday) with no action or statement from Wyze (the deafening silence is telling).

If you want it back, follow this link to the Fix-it Friday post that requests the return of the feature and like that post then add your own.

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Thank you. This is not good! We thought it was a bug that would be fixed. How can we reach Wyze to complain?
We are thinking of getting the Wyze doorbell but won’t if the camera works the same way. Probably get Ring instead.

Best way to voice your concern right now is over on the FIx-It Friday link I posted. Like @ShardlowM’s post then add your own to the bottom. We will all like that too. Likes are votes in the Fix-it Friday.

It is not a bug… it is a design flaw and it was an active choice made by Wyze.

@Chuan explained it in his post in the thread discussing it.

As for the doorbell… Do your research here in the forums, just browse the latest posts, before you make a decision. :wink:

You may also wish to add your comment/reply to and/or vote for this wishlist topic: