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I have 4 Wyze cam 2s around my business. This afternoon a truck came through and I received notifications from 2 of the cams, but the same video from both cams was saved to one cam so I don’t have the video I really wanted. I see the truck on the thumbnail of my “Office Parking” cam but when I view that video I get the video from my “Storage” cam, the same video which is on the Storage cam. Why was the Storage cam video saved to both Storage and Office Parking and the Office Parking video was not saved?

What version of the app are you on? That was thought to be fixed in the latest release of v2.0.21.

My app version is 2.0.18, Apparently version 2.0.21 is not compatible with iPhone 5.

What is your iOS version? 9.3.5 by any chance? There are a few others that are running into this.

It’s on the web so it must be right.=> This chart states you should be able to go up to 10.x, but I don’t know the cutoff of which iOS works with 2.0.21.

iOS 10.3.3

@Loki Looks like the problem isn’t limited to 9.3.5 iOS devices.

There are more reports of this problem at the above link. @Loki reported it to development and he probably needs to update with this.

As far as I know it just started doing it 2 days ago and it happened again last evening on a different pair of cams.

It was a known issue and item #3 from the latest release (which you can’t install)

iOS V2.0.21 (Release date: January 8, 2019)

  1. Fixed an issue where Event Videos were showing MAC addresses as camera name
  2. Fixed the Events tab that was showing MAC addresses as camera name
  3. Fixed a bug that two cameras from the same account sometimes mixed up Event Videos
  4. Fixed a bug where watching Discover videos may cause the app to crash
  5. Improved the “Forgot Password” experience

The problem I mentioned above and mentioned to @Loki is the issue of updating the app on some iOS devices.

I’m suffering from the 3rd issue but it is not exactly mixing up event videos. The same video is associated with 2 cameras and the video I wanted is missing. I use 4 Wyze cams to keep tabs on my self storage facility. Locks have been cut and items stolen recently and I like to save videos of every vehicle that visits the facility after hours. The cams have somewhat overlapping coverage so I have a side view of a Chevy pickup but lost the rear view of the truck which shows the license plate.

Actually, your example sounds pretty mixed up. The same video showing on two cameras = mixed up in my mind. So, I see two problems. First, you need to open an problem report: In your app go to My Account => Help & Feedback => Report an Issue and send it in that you can’t update to the latest version of the app. Give details like app version #, phone type, iOS version, etc. The more, the merrier.

Second problem:
My opinion, for what it’s worth, I’d get SD cards for your cameras and only rely on the notifications for that tap on the shoulder. 12 sec of video IMHO is unlikely to get you a tag number, but would tell you when to go look at the playback from the SD card. As long as you sync the time on all your cameras, you will know exactly where to look. Then you’ll have a much more complete record of what happened, something 12 seconds is unlikely to catch.

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I do have iOS 10.3.3