Event Recordings in app

Is Wyze trying to make me dislike them?Maybe 3+ days in, 5 cams, Cam Plus Unlimited.

When I select Event Recordings in the app, it’s say loading then just blinks back to the cameras page. Repeatedly. Cleared cache, rebooted phone. Everything but delete and reinstall the app. Was working for the last 3 days or so.

Just the OGs, Pan V3 s allow access.

Please post the App Version #.

Doing this when you select the Events page icon to see the events list or when you click to view a specific event video?

Is this an App Crash when it does this… the app closes and then reopens into the Home Device List? Or does it immediately go back to the Home Device list?

Is it random or reproducible?

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Don’t be afraid to do this. All your device settings and device list is saved to the cloud. Once you delete the app, I’d also recommend a phone restart then reinstall the app to get everything as fresh as can be.


Yes, upon choosing event recording in settings, it attempts to open, does not crash app, just flashes back to cameras home page in the app.

I’ll try reinstalling the app a little later this morning and report results. It was reproducible as it does it every time with the OGs only.

I just checked it before posting this reply and it is as of now no longer doing it vs all day yesterday.:person_shrugging:SMH

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