Event Recording: Why is 'Detects Motion' Needed for 'Person Detection'

I searched to see if this has been asked and didn’t find much. I’ve had few weeks to try the Wyze Cam v3 and I have a few days left for the Cam+ free trial.
I’ve found that you still need to enable ‘Detects Motion’ in Event Recording to detect a Person. Why is that?
With ‘Detects Motion’ enabled, you get constant recordings of shadow or tree branches moving. Looks like the Cam+ AI detection for Person is still in works or is it just application. If the Cam+ AI can detect a person, why not just record when it detects a person? In Event Recording I have ‘Detect Motion’ & ‘Detects Sound’ disabled. Under Cam Plus AI detection, I have ‘Person’ & ‘Package’ enabled. Nothing is recorded unless I enable ‘Detects Motion’.

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“Detects Person” is a notification only. The event recorded goes the the server and is Analysed to see what is in the event video. I have a truck parked in my driveway, if a tree branch blows I will get a notification of vehicle in the driveway even though the tree caused the motion and the truck is just sitting there. That is why I have vehicle detection and all other motion events turned off turned off. I have notifications for person, package and pet turned on. You can find more information here, read the FAQ page also.


Detects motion is the first part of the process. That triggers a review by the AI as to what the motion really was about. If there is is a person in it, then the AI will notify you of that.

If you only have notifications set to notify you of people, then all the other captures will still go to the cloud for your later review under the Events tab. But you won’t be notified of those other captures.

So you have to enable Detects Motion, after which you will only be notified of what you want to be notified of. The rest will self-destruct after 14 days. :slight_smile:


With continuously moving tree branches hundreds of events can occur every day and the detection zone is of little use if most of the picture has branches that move in the wind. Ideally (for me) would be to buffer the video and not actually create an event until AI has detected a person, package, vehicle or pet depending upon what is set.

But that can’t happen with Wyze because there IS no “AI” at the camera level. For a few reasons they now do ALL determinations on their servers after a motion event is uploaded (as others described above). Other brands differ.

Perhaps then it would be possible to delete the event once it has been determined its not a person,pet etc. It seems such a waste to store hundreds of events on the server when they are just caused by branches moving in the wind.

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Hmm, that’s actually a very fair point. The classification is never perfect but if someone is willing to take the losses, why not?