Event recording of objects / cloud space

Hi, I’m very happy with the new feature of person detection as all my detection / notifications have been tree branches moving outside the window, which was annoying.

The Wyze app still records the event when objects move even though I opted not to be notified. How Can I set it only to record when people are detected?

Another question is If i don’t keep deleting all the recordings, is it ok to leave as is instead of trying to delete daily? It’s very annoying to delete all the recordings containing objects movements, in my case tree branches.
Thank you for your help.

They “self-delete” after they have been on the server 14 days, so you don’t need to delete then.

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The person detection only runs on event videos after they’ve already been triggered, so right now there is no way to automatically discard them. As you found you can choose not to be notified, and you can also apply a filter to the Events list to show only Person videos.

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