Event recording timing question

Event recordings are great. Useful in alerting me to a particular time to investigate a continuous recording camera’s playback feature. What if the visual trigger that started the event recording was not in the first fraction of a second section of that video? Seems event recordings would be far more useful if a quickly captured event would be more centered within the 12 second time frame.

I think I understand what you are saying here, but remember, if the event were more toward the middle of the twelve seconds, you’ve just cut your event recording of an event down considerably. the mavens have spoke at length about the smaller functions of the cameras and speaking for myself, I seem to have a couple seconds of a buffer on the event clip so that the actual trigger is a couple seconds into the event itself. it seems pretty consistent on my recordings although other have mentioned that by the time the event starts, the trigger is almost out of frame. we haven’t really nailed down the cause of the differences for people, some that do have a small buffer and others that don’t, but I feel like a 2-3 second buffer from the trigger motion is the sweet spot to see the beginning of the trigger and still have plenty of record time in the clip.

95% of my total events are a a blip on the screen for a fraction of a second, then nothing. 5% of my events is person detection which works perfectly. Guess I’ll just stick to what works for me. If I really want to see something I’ll go to playback which does seem much smoother recently.

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I have a RING doorbell cam and WYZE V2 cam looking at the same area from different angles. The comparison between an activity to trigger recording and the actual start recording instant is different between the two. RING buffers non activity into the beginning where as WYZE starts the instant activity is detected. They both work fine. Just noticeably different.