Event Recording resetting

Hi there,

All of a sudden I was not getting event notifications but on checking the App, event recording had turned itself off. Manually resetting it restored normal behavior, but it seems to reset daily?


Did you share any of your cameras? Also try to sign out and back into the app

None of my cams are shared. I’ll try the App sign out though. Thanks.


Sometimes after an update to the Firmware of a Camera or an App Update some of those settigns get reset. I have seen this a bit more on an iOS device than I do on an Android Device. I have also seen where the item seems toggled correctly on Android and Not on the iOS Device.

I have decided that I would simply go in and toggle the event event recording section off then on if they are currently on. Or just on. Then I do the same for each of the options in the notification section as well.

Note: When you make the changes, sometimes it is best to back out one menu option to ensure the changes take.

What rules do you have enabled? any of them disable device notifications?

I just have a schedule for event recording. Been the same rule for over a year, but I have just reset that just in case.

I notice that this morning event recording was set to off, when it was on when I went to bed last night. Odd!


Thanks for these ideas. I have got into the habit of checking settings when there has been a software/device update. Am wondering if it is a v3 issue more as I never had a problem for almost a year running a v2.


What is the schedule? Is that turning the toggle off that you are seeing?

I think this could be the issue actually. I have a schedule for motion detection; on in the morning, off at night, every day. I had created “actions” for toggling motion detection, and having removed the “off” action, I didn’t have the reset occur this morning. Could be a coincidence and I’m still a bit mystified as I have had that rule set up for a year now and the issue has only just surfaced. Will monitor for a few days :slight_smile:

Oh spoke too soon. Event recording on this morning till about noon….then mysteriously off !


Does anything show up at noonish under the rule history? Account - Rules - History tab. Are you getting the camera fully connect to live view before going into settings? I’ve seen that if you go into settings to soon before the app has a chance to connect all the way, the camera doesn’t populate the settings correctly and the actual settings don’t show up correctly for the user checking.

OMG well this is embarrassing…….rule ended the detection schedule was SUPPOSED to be set for a.m.

(Ie NOT p.m. :open_mouth:).

Reckon this might be the smoking gun!


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That would do it! :slight_smile:

Yeah. I must have accidents changed it when I was setting up the new camera. Thanks for your help.