Event Recording Failure on Cameras (v2 & V3 & Outdoor ) *Check your settings!

I have a total of 11 Wyze cameras running in 3 locations. Last weekend we had 2 thefts at a property adjoining ours, and the neighbor asked me to look through my footage to see if I had anything he could use. Note, he also has a wyze camera at my recommendation as well as a legacy wired system. Surprisingly I didn’t have any recorded shots around both of the thefts. As I researched I found event recording was disabled on all my cameras. This has to have occurred during one of the many software updates to the cameras as it was most definitely on, and I am the only one with access to the settings.

Warning: Go into your camera and see if Event Recording is on & check your detection settings.

Wyze failed us this time for sure & I don’t want anyone else to experience this!

Part of why I have uSD cards in all of my Wyze cameras that are set to continuous recording, and most of my cameras are also flashed for RTSP and are streaming to BlueIris software running on my file server.


A good practice is to always verify settings after a software upgrade, weither a firmware update or a app update or both is done. Sometimes with updates a setting reverts or changes from where it was pre update.