Event Recorded do not show

After upgrading to the latest SW, the Wyze cam v3 notification does not show in Event tap. I have v2 and v3 camera,only v2 recording shows in the Event tap. It used to show both camera recorded event. Please help

I would verify you do not have any filters turned on in your events tab. You can tell if you do when you see a Dark Blue or a colored in filter. This will indicate that you are filtering on something, Here is a sample where I filtered abased on 1 camera, the red arrow is pointing the the filtered item:

If you have no filters make sure you have the settings on your V3 Camera setup correctly:

  1. Make sure your Detection Settings is set to include the detection sensitivity, mine is set to 90.

  2. In Event Recording, Make sure you have Detects Motion Selected. Required to record events.

  3. Under Notifications, make sure you select what you would like to be notified of. Has nothing to do with the Event Recording, only for notifications.

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Hi Spamoni4,

Thank you for helping. After I turned off all filters, all the recorded event show up.

Thank you,


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