PSYCH! Notifications, but no Event recorded

Since early March, after purchasing my second V3 and immediately buying a year of Cam Plus (also have 5 V2s), I am frequently getting proper Notifications that then have NO EVENT shown. This happens with both V2s and V3s. My four most active cameras (2 V2s and 2 V3s) have second cameras aimed at the same area from a different direction, so I can cross-check any activity by going to my SD cards. Not only is this frustrating, but since buying the second camera, there is INCREASING FREQUENCY of only one of two cameras pointed at the same area triggering a Notification and/or Event. Yes, I try everything from deleting and reinstalling the cameras, restarting the cameras, deleting and reinstalling the app and having a drink. Wyze’s approach is “We’re working on it. Wait for our next version.” HELP!

Just in case you missed it, aside from enabling Event Recording, did you also enable Notification? For each camera?

If you are getting notifications, that means you are getting events. Check and remove all filters in the event tab to view all event videos. If you have updated the app lately, it MAY have added filters without your knowledge and now isn’t showing your events

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Thanks for your suggestion, but I’m getting this problem only about one out of three times, so all my settings are correct.

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Thanks. As I mentioned to another nice individual trying to help, I get this problem only about one out of three times that a person enters the field and triggers the Wyze cam, so my settings are right, filters are right, and there’s no rhyme or reason that I or Wyze can explain at this point. Also, I often have to wait various amounts of time when trying to watch an Event recording because I get a window with a buffering wheel saying “code 09” and that I should wait a while; sometimes three seconds and sometimes interminably.

Code 09 I believe is a server error; it can’t access the recorded event. Don’t even wait for the file to come through. If that’s all you’re missing, then you don’t have a problem. Wyze does, unless you have intermittent connectivity issue that prevents the video stream from getting sent to the servers.

Ipil60R34s -
Thanks for your response. Two comments: 1. If I keep trying to view the clip immediately, it then works within the next 30 seconds over half the time. Other times, I don’t have the patience. 2. The exact wording of the persistent error code window (I took a screen shot of it): “Error (code 09): Video Player Error. Please try again later. If this happens again, please submit a developer log through Wyze Support in Settings.” It seems they have a lot of bug-fix work to do on their end, either with their servers or their apps; maybe trying to save $$ on server time, who knows?

Still, this pesky problem is not the main issue - it’s those Notifications that are NOT PHONY, and do trigger from actual Person Events, but are missing on the Events page (just to be clear).