Event playback from SD card AFTER 12 second cloud event has completed

Edit: Never mind. See the reply from @K6CCC below. Just like he said, hit the playback button and the event plays back from the SD card. THANKS!! :grinning:

Wishlist request: Provide an option to allow event playback to continue from the SD card after the 12 second event playback completes.

As a non-cloud subscriber, my Yi Outdoor wired camera suffers from a 6 second capture interval. You’d think that would be a disadvantage compared to my Wyze Cams with a 12 second event capture. However, once the event clip completes, the Yi app offers a View on SD card option that allows playback to continue exactly where you left off. I have all of my cameras setup for continuous recording to an SD card. i.e. I can watch playback of the ongoing motion event for as long as necessary.

Yi View on SD card [on screen option] appears at the end of the motion/6 second event playback; just click and continue with the unfolding scene.

So does the Wyze cameras (assuming you are recording to the uSD card). When viewing the event, at the bottom of the screen is a icon that sort of looks like a uSD card with the label “Playback”. That will take you to viewing that event from the uSD card. The icon will take you to the same time as the cloud event started.
With that said, it is important to understand when the camera is recording to the uSD card. Obviously if the camera is set to continuous recording, it should always be recording. If recording is set to Events only, the camera will record to the uSD card any minute that has a motion event. It always records in 1 minute blocks, so if there is motion at 53 seconds after the minute, it will record the entire minute. If the motion continues into the next minute, that minute will also be recorded.


Thanks! I was going to delete my post but decided to leave it as an example of “If you don’t ask, you don’t learn” :wink:


Try Blue Iris and capture all the video you want. Works great! :+1:

A 64GB uSD card gives me all the video I want for now. Using the event log as an index to interesting video is very handy, especially now that I know how to directly access video beyond the first 12 seconds. Much easier than manually scrolling through timestamps in playback mode.

Using the record function during playback is a somewhat awkward way to pull video from the camera, but it beats removing the uSD card. I’d ask for ftp support but that’s probably too big a hill to climb.

Sigh. If only my Wyze cameras could record to SD with any reliability at all. :frowning:
Meanwhile, my gift ftped to you:

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Recording to the SD card has been working well for me.

Direct access to the SD card. Sweet!!
You mean I can pre-load the RTSP Beta code and then walk-the-walk to setup each camera.? No need to retrieve/fumble with SD cards by hand?

Priceless!!! That’s a project for the weekend; unless it gets overridden by a higher priority/authority.

That’s worth a post to the RTSP Beta thread. Thanks!!!

Dave, he is not talking about RTSP, but rather FTP access to the uSD card. That would allow transferring the video files from the camera without having to pull out the uSD and plugging it into a computer.
RTSP is for real time access. I have that on 28 Wyze cameras.

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Jim, I have one v3 on RSTP and have just two more to go. I saw this reference about accessing the “firmwares” directory and thought maybe I don’t have to load the RTSP firmware onto a uSD card and carry it to the camera to perform the firmware load (setup button/power on process) but instead I could copy the demo.bin (or whatever the right name is) to the root (/) directory from the comfort of my desk. No muss, no fuss, no need to open the uSD slot. Once the firmware is remotely installed I can physically visit each camera to do the setup button/power on process without altering the camera positioning.

I haven’t looked at the details to know if that will work, but if it does it will simplify the install process for me.

With 28 done, you’ve got a lot a patience :wink:

Are some of the 28 WCv2?

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Not really related. Yes, you need to flash with a uSD card to get RTSP.

I own 20 V2 cameras - 17 with RTSP and one died, two Pan cameras - both with RTSP, and 12 V3 (two more on the way) - all but the one I killed have RTSP.
I’ve likely done close to 200 manual flashes with cameras going back and forth with normal vs RTSP firmware.

doh! really didn’t read enough before… now I see that the “firmwares” directory is the github location… not a directory on the camera.

@Customer were you able to get the Direct access to SD card to work?

It looks like the authorization hack has been blocked.


PS… I didn’t see a tar file to download. Is there a package to be found?

Sorry, I never tried it at all. :frowning:

Also sorry to hear you’re having trouble with it. Wish I could help.