Erase by month and day

I would like to know how I can erase the month of February
Before 25 of February I Tried to erase but in the calendar I only saw from feb 25 to March 9

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Only the last two weeks of event clips are available from the cloud. So the oldest clip you might see today, March 10th is Feb 25th. Beyond Feb 25th has already been automatically deleted, and is no longer available.

That’s the cloud. If you have an SD card installed, there are also recordings stored there. If you are set to continuous record mode (individual camera > Settings > Advanced Settings > Local Storage) and have a 32 GB card installed (as a for-instance), then you can get about a week there if you are recording SD mode. So that would be back to about March 3rd from today.

If you are set to Events Only mode, then recordings could go back quite some time. To eliminate all that is on the SD card just select “Format SD Card” from the Local Storage menu above.

BTW - this is a duplicate post (the OP has another thread going on, on the same subject matter)

And of course, formatting the card will wipe out Mar, which the OP wants to retain.

To delete all clips for one day.
Select the day you want , scroll all the way down till you hit midnight , tap the 3 dots at the upper right , at the bottom tap delete events , at the bottom left tap select all , at the bottom right tap delete

clips older than 14 days automatically get deleted, that’s why do can’t view them.