Email address update not working

That is pretty lame you are stuck with an email address. I want to change mine too. And have cameras, smart sensors and going to buy the lights. Better stop buying.

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That “doing what you are attempting” comment from the moderator would seem to indicate that the ability to simply change an email is an abnormal request. Very strange attitude.

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I’m in this same situation. We really need to be able to simply change our email address on our accounts. I’ve locked myself out of my account and can’t do a password reset because I no longer have access to the email I registered with Wyze, I changed ISP’s. I’m so frustrated right now… gggrrrrr…

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Hey @richard_evans

I’ve never been in this situation but im thinking one possible solution would be to do a full reset on the cameras and just make a new account. because you no longer have access to that email then I’m guessing no one does, so basically its just a dead fish. I’m doubting the isp would reuse it ( depending on how common the names involved are)

but if you do a hard reset on the cameras, they are like new ( you would need to update them when you are done setting them up) but them just connect them to a new email. something like a Gmail account where its not going to be taken, unless the google aliens decide to finally take over, and you should have a brand new set up.

thats the only course of action I can think of with the current Wyze set up.


@Bam I thinks that’s the route I’m going to take. Thank you!


Yes, that is the only solution at present and is what I ended up doing. Climb ladder, reset camera, move ladder, climb ladder, …

Not exactly what I preferred!


Yeah. The old “devs copy code from another project that uses e-mail address as the primary key for user accounts” and no one reviewing the decision had the enterprise identity management experience to know it was bad architecture. Pardon me while I go out to the shed and get our ladder…

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Same situation here. Need to update email. Please Wyze fix this issue and allow easy email updating.


I love Wyze and this is currently my only gripe with the system. I had to change my email address about an year back and have moved all accounts to the new one except Wyze – where I have about 10 devices and moving them manually with their rules etc. doesn’t sound fun. +1

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I have the same issue. Very bad design to lock an email as a username, everyone at some point will change it or get others, etc. All the forums I use have username/ID and the email is for news and setting change links.

I have 5 cameras, sensors, switches and was about to get some bulbs and the dead bolt device, they never mailed me on the dead bolt device either and I still have that old email address.

Account/member names really should not be email addresses IMHO.

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There is a request for this topic under the #wishlist category. Wyze is currently researching the ability to change emails. If you haven’t voted for it, you can hop over here at the top left of this thread.

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For the sake of those searching for this topic.

This feature was added to the app in version 2.16.

Now you can change your email and not lose your subscriptions & services, or have to setup devices again.

The email change function is really a masking trick employed by the IT folks. Your email is not really changed in the IT tables. I have first hand experience with this. I had changed my email address back in April shortly after when the email change functionality was available.

I purchased an additional camera In May and got a welcome email sent to both my old and new email addresses. I contacted Wyze support on this issue. Whenever support replied, the email was sent to my old email address with a copy to my new email address. In other words, my account was still registered under my old email address as the primary owner and my new email address is an “add-on” to the account.

In early July 2021, I set up a new email address and account. Support was able to transfer my Cam Plus subscriptions to my new account on my phone. However they were not able to move the Cam Plus subscriptions to my Wyze Services account, which was a separate system. The two systems were not linked! After considerable back and forth emails, earlier this week (July 19) I had them cancelled my Cam Plus subscriptions that were attached to my old email address and purchased them again in my new account. The lesson learned is that the Wyze email change function isn’t a real change. They merely add your new email as an alternative email and they don’t tell you the new email is really a secondary email. I found out that not all emails go to the secondary email which is why I decided to set up a new account with a new email. It’s still painful if you want to change your email address on your Wyze camera account.

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I appreciate your detailed explanation and can confirm I’m still getting emails to the old address. The back-end must be a mess.

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I’m guessing this explanation is real, I changed my email (worked, seemed to go pretty smooth, validated no problem cameras migrated), and to test the “sharing” re-created an account using the prior email – and suddenly all my cameras were gone (so here today, gone tomorrow, well that’s a bad sign) … Seems like the entire user account management tied to email was a patch job, not really thought through the first time and not actually fixed today. i expected updating my email or log in credentials to be validated… and otherwise routine operation.

It’s so people don’t steal your information guys. If you want to use a new email set up another account.

Incorrect. Because Wyze doesn’t handle this in a consistent manner demonstrates bad design decision, and actually makes me less confident. What other areas suffer from misguided handling around data management for my personal and potentially very private data?

Others manage account updates just fine with adequate security, I could give you numerous examples, so yes, Wyze could do better here.

In an ideal world where everyone gets what they want at all times is called heaven lol until then we will just have to deal with it

perhaps I have higher expectations, for basic user account management,

and companies I buy products from

It’s not a question of expectations etc. It’s about best practice and customer service. When I had to change my email address due to switching of internet service providers, I had to contact about 125 websites where my old email address was used as log-in ID. Of the 125 websites, about 8 were problematic. Wyze was one of the 8 sites where the change of address didn’t work properly and I had to open a new account with my new email address.

As someone who had worked on the IT side, I realized that those 8 sites had issues because one or more of their systems were developed independently and were not integrated properly or their middleware were not robust enough.

It’s a customer service issue because your order history and warranty coverage info are all lost and not transitioned to your new account. This is what happened to me on the 8 sites where I could not transition my email address.

It’s not about an ideal world. It’s about competition. joe_t is right. Why would I want to deal with a company that provides poor customer service or tells us that they can handle changing our email address properly when they cannot? What else are they not telling us?