Changed Email Address. I now have no purchased orders

So I changed my Email address and noticed that my previous orders and pre-orders are no longer visible. I checked my app and account through the website.

That’s crazy. That makes it sound like Wyze is using the email address as a primary key in their database instead of a unique primary key account number for linking everything, including orders (sorry, nerd talk)…yikes.

I mean, you could talk to support, but I’m sure that’s a little over their head, it probably needs to be escalated to someone higher up to be aware this is occurring. Hopefully a mod will flag it to be checked out by one of the higher-ups. I guess support can do that too. For some major weird issues like this, I like that a higher-up Wyze employee will check in and tell you they’ve been notified and are working on it or something…whereas going through support I am not sure how consistently someone checks in after it’s been forwarded on.

Thanks for reporting it regardless. Any mods want to confirm when/if you send this up the chain that there appears to be a database bug with the new email updates feature?