ELI5 Entry & Exit Delays in Home vs Away mode

Hello! Trying to set up this system and I am so very confused.

What’s the difference between “Entry” and “Exit” delays when set to Home vs Away? How does it know? What happens?

I live alone and work from home so I don’t leave often. I would set it to Home, right?

And then if there is an Entry, that’s either me picking up a package, me letting friends in, or someone breaking in. So I would want a 30 second delay, right?

And then for the Exit delay, what is that? How does it know when you’re entering or exiting or just bringing in a package? Does it automatically shift from Home to Away when you Exit? But how does it know you Exit? Do you have to manually set it to Away when you leave? Do you set it before or after exiting the house? I have Exit delay set to 0 right now so it doesn’t beep for 30 seconds when I set it to Home, but that just seems backwards…

Basically I want it to beep for 30 seconds if the door is opened when I’m Home AND when I’m Away. (If setting “away” is manual, I’ll do this once I’m outside via phone app). I do not want it to beep when I set the mode to “I am Home/Away.” (Extra basically: Beep when door open, do not beep when mode changed). How do I set it up like that?

Just want to clarify something…this is an alarm system that will notify NoonLight to summon the police if an alarm is triggered. It is not just to alert you if the doors are opened.

Home mode is for when you are inside the house and want to have an alarm triggered if one of your doors is opened unexpectedly.

Away mode is for when you will be away from home and might want some motion sensors, in addition to your door sensors, to trigger an alarm to NoonLight.

Exit delays occur when you switch from Disarmed to Home or Away. The countdown starts from the moment you switch modes and allows you time to exit without triggering the alarm. Entry delays allow you to enter the house and disarm the system without triggering the alarm. When you come into your house with the alarm system armed you will need to either use the keypad or the Wyze app to enter your pin and disarm the system.

If you are inside the house and you are going to open any door that has a sensor you should disarm the system first otherwise you will trigger an alarm to NoonLight which may result in a false alarm being sent to your local police.

Does this help?

Thank you so much, yes that makes sense!! Does the exit delay also happen when you switch from Home to Away (or vice versa) or is it only when you switch from Disarmed?

Not sure…I haven’t tried that. It would make sense that it would work, but only way to be sure would be to test.

Update: Just tested and the delay starts when you switch from home to away.