Edmonton Cat Hotel

I belong to an animal rescue up here in the very cold north, and this last winter we put two v2 cams to use. Our group of incredibly awesome people, look out for animals in rural Alberta, rehoming, rescue, spay and neuter, really what ever it takes.

Any how last winter we were offered a vacant warehouse space to build dog houses, and as it turns out there where several farel cats living outside in the parking lot. So we went to work modifying one of our dog houses with heat and two Wyze cameras, one inside and one out side. The inside one was pretty straightforward, and the out side one took a little more work,


The second camera I’m hoping is just a temporary fix until we can get our hands on a v3.

The 4” black tubing is sewer pipe caps from Home Depot that I glued together, I 3D printed a saddle that it sits in, and machined a swivel out of some stainless steel bar I had and it’s all mounted on top of a pice of old vacuum cleaner tubing I had laying around. The camera points down and is out of the wind so it should be ok until we can get our hands on a v3.


This is Blue he sure seemed to like the hotel on the very cold(-40c) night.

And our latest guest Patches


We decided to up grade the cat hotel to make it usable by more than one guest at a time, thus The Edmonton Cat Hotel 2.0


The new hotel now has two suites, with individual heat, food, bunk beds, and of course Wyze cameras


Our two guests at present.

This is Sylvester

And this is Bloo


And here is a unexpected guest