Echo show can’t stream?

Hi There,
I have couple of cam v2 and recently I’m unable to stream feed on any of my echo shows, google doesn’t return anything related to my problem. If I ask “Alexa show me xx camera” it says cannot find it, when I navigate manually and tap on camera, echo will say “you don’t have permission to view camera”.
My firmware is up-to-date and I can preview cameras on my Alexa app on my phone just fine. I have removed Alexa skill and re-added cameras, restarted echo, etc to no avail. It was working fine couple of days ago.

I’d reboot your modem and WiFi router if you have already done so.
And do a hard reboot on the Echo Show.

Did that but unfortunately it didn’t help. Just noticed Echo updating itself, perhaps echo is the culprit, though hard to tell when we’re echoes updated.

Did you change your WYZE password and not update the skill? Or turn on Multi-Factor?

I have also seen where a password change corrects this.
Change WYZE password
remove WYZE skill from Alexa
Re-add skill with new password.