Easy way to record and save continuous video?

I tried exactly that and it’s telling me access denied for record as well for photo. So how can I resolve this issue.

Are you on Android or iOS, either way it sounds like you may have an issue with the permissions on the phone itself.

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I use a third part app for screen video capture of the Wyze video I’m viewing on my Android. Saves and editing is possible. Then I can view it any time or any where I need it.

I got it work now thank you!

Oh for the ability to add Wyze cams to Luxriot for Windows. I think the free version allows for up to 9 cameras which is more than enough for my home. I’ve seen one program connect to Wyze and enable recording to the phone but I want to offload that to my home video monitoring application. Luxriot has great motion search options.

I have about 60 minutes of video I am currently recording to a file on my Android phone. I’m curious, what file format will this video be in once I’m done recording?

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I have videos saved on my phone and on the apps album but after reviewing a recording from my phone, it recorded everything just fine up until the remaining 13 mins when the video cut out. It continued recording the audio but the video went to a complete black screen catching nothing whatsoever. I am a bit frustrated because when I go to review the saved video in the album on the app, the video is still there but it won’t load. Then a lot of my older recorded videos that are there won’t load either. I was hoping to view the original recording saved on the app to see if it didn’t have the same black screen but I can’t even load it to find out. Is that normal for the recordings not to load? It’s from February. Do I need to do something with the sd card? Is there any other way to recover it?

I did noticed you can tap record from sd card saved video and it will save to phone but there’s no sound when I save a video clip to my files or photos have you noticed that

Are you by chance using an iOS device (Apple) with version 16 system software? There is a known bug with Apple devices using iOS 16 that was recently discovered that causes that exact symptom.