Easy way to record and save continuous video?

I have never made any attempt to record a Time Lapse up on the hill. Both cameras record all the time. To date, I have never had a need to retain recorded video. Mostly used to verify who is there when the door alarm goes off. If the need arises, it would be nice to download files directly from the cameraa…


I take it you are the same BuckEye that I know from the Mikrotik forum?


Yes, that’s me. Small world, isn’t it?

I was also thinking of putting them on the of the Kitchen cabinets but might have to rethink this.




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Let me know how it works out in your kitchen because I was looking to do the same. I also send flowers to Guatemala from my office so I was wondering putting it on the to shelf of the office but if its a pain to download the video from the card, hmmmmm.



OK, Ive read through this string and get what the cams will and won’t do, but from a common sense perspective this is a real deficit. We all place camera so we can see what happens when we are not where we placed them, and have PROOF of what happened. Getting access to the camera in it’s mounted location aside, we would only have 2 days after an event to download the video or stop the recording. Both are hindrances and contradict with the reasoning for having cameras in the first place. I am in Texas, recording video in Illinois, so getting to the camera to pull the card and download the video is not an option within 2 days.
These are great little cameras, but honestly this app function is a real disability. Further, you have to do some very pointed research and Q&A to find out that this is the only way to actually get the video you want or need on file and be able to share them with authorities. Wayze really needs to consider adjusting the app to allow remote transfer of the video files from the camera, and to do so without disrupting recording.
I’m obviously very dissatisfied at this but have been raving about these cameras to everyone I know–until now. I don’t want to return them or change my system, but I NEED to be able to download the video remotely. This single flaw is a huge issue. The guys that posted should not have to drag out ladders and dismount their cameras to access security footage that can be shared.

I hope something is done about this, wow, within the next 2 days!!

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Here’s the Roadmap topic where you can vote for download ability for the SD card recordings. Make sure you scroll up to the top and click the VOTE button.

Also… not sure if you already know this… while playing back the SD card video remotely, you can tap the Record button and it will save what you’re viewing to the Wyze album in the phone’s camera roll/gallery. This works for shorter segments you want to save because, unfortunately, it only works in real time.

From what I read this has to be on the same wireless network. If I am mistaken please let me know.
I am in Texas, recording in Illinois. Therefore physically getting to the camera is not possible.

No, you can play back remotely and you can record whenever you can play back.

You may be thinking of downloading time lapse video. For that, you have to be on the same local network.

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OK so the BIG question: Can we now download camera recorded video beyond the limited event footage through the app and without having to stop recording and pull the card(s) from the camera(s)??
I bought a bunch of these for 2 residences in different states and just now found out when the need came up that I can’t download a piece of the recording without getting it off of the card itself.
2 big issues are in play here: cameras mounted in locations difficult to get to or dismount AND direct physical access within a 2 daytime frame so the video is not overwritten. Sure we can stop recording so the cards will retain the files, but then we lose the option of further recording. Awesome cameras, but honestly this is a huge deal breaker for me. Think about having to drag out huge ladders, disassemble mountings and travel to the physical location just to be able to have the video file to give police in the case of theft. Considerable restriction to a security system to be sure. Please tell me this was corrected or is at least in the works–please!

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You have the ability to do that now… A button on the bottom of the live feed called view play back which brings up a timeline for the camera. Locate the time you want and hit record and you will record to your phone either video or still photos.

I am in a different state altogether. From what I read, in order to save the video to a phone you have to be on the same wireless network. For my monitoring of cameras installed in a home of a different state, this is not possible.
Please, if I have got this wrong let me know. Right now, all I can get is the 12 second event video and have to wait for it to reset. That is IF I have events enabled.

You should be able to use the Playback button on the live stream to play back the video stored on the SD card. While it is playing back, tap the Record button to save in real time to the Wyze album in the phone’s camera roll/gallery. You do not have to be local to do this.

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I tried exactly that and it’s telling me access denied for record as well for photo. So how can I resolve this issue.

Are you on Android or iOS, either way it sounds like you may have an issue with the permissions on the phone itself.

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I use a third part app for screen video capture of the Wyze video I’m viewing on my Android. Saves and editing is possible. Then I can view it any time or any where I need it.

I got it work now thank you!

Oh for the ability to add Wyze cams to Luxriot for Windows. I think the free version allows for up to 9 cameras which is more than enough for my home. I’ve seen one program connect to Wyze and enable recording to the phone but I want to offload that to my home video monitoring application. Luxriot has great motion search options.

I have about 60 minutes of video I am currently recording to a file on my Android phone. I’m curious, what file format will this video be in once I’m done recording?

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I have videos saved on my phone and on the apps album but after reviewing a recording from my phone, it recorded everything just fine up until the remaining 13 mins when the video cut out. It continued recording the audio but the video went to a complete black screen catching nothing whatsoever. I am a bit frustrated because when I go to review the saved video in the album on the app, the video is still there but it won’t load. Then a lot of my older recorded videos that are there won’t load either. I was hoping to view the original recording saved on the app to see if it didn’t have the same black screen but I can’t even load it to find out. Is that normal for the recordings not to load? It’s from February. Do I need to do something with the sd card? Is there any other way to recover it?