Ear buds shipping date

Hey does anyone know when the new ear buds are going to ship? I have seen two different things. One saying they will ship this month but I also saw on the WYZE site it says August. I prefer mine in May and would like to finally be able to get them. Thanks in advance.

The last email received from Wyze Jimmy indicated the following for the Ear Buds Pro:


When they first advertised it was July. Not August. That was the only reason I ordered them then. And if it has changed to August. I want my money back.

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Note that I am only a community member who has opted to be an early backer and beta tester for Wyze. I expect the delivery time to be longer than expected as an early backer. I would would reach out to Wyze, to see what they can do for a refund.

Remember, being an Early Backer means that you are on the ground floor of this effort. The estimated time is only that, estimated. With the current issues affecting a lot of IT distributors and the fact that these are a new product, you have to expect the delays. Maybe wait until it is officially released or removal from the Early Backer list before ordering the products then.

Yes I can agree with you. I was a backer to the outdoor camera and it came out during the pandemic in the time frame they said. I do understand delays. But you should have the details tweaked before you offer preorder. They haven’t even given a reason for the delay. I haven’t even got an email saying they have been delayed as the other guy showed. I went back and looked. I guess for me the lack of communication on the subject to a backer gets me. I spent the money thinking a month and a half at most. Not 3 months.

The email would have come from Wyze Jimmy. You may want to check to see if it is in Spam. Additionally there was an issue where the In-App notifications settings kept getting disabled, you may need to check that also. Finally, is it possible you may have unsubscribed?

Same reason I ordered them, July ship date. Dropping the move ship date to August on 6/30 was a disappointment. In the meantime I ordered a different set of earbuds. Seems one can never have enough of them-

I used to get the emails from Jimmy (last one in April), I didn’t unsubscribe. How can I get them again? I, too, want to receive updates on when the buds will ship - and also a little disappointed (at no one in particular) that it may not be this month.

I would go to the Web site, logon, then scroll to the bottom and enter your email i the newsletter

I addition, go to the phone App. Select Account / Notifications / and turn on the follwoing:

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Thanks! I had all those set except “upcoming product updates”. Not sure if that’s what triggers the emails from “Jimmy from Wyze”, but I guess we’ll see. Appreciate it!

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Well I turned all that on and made sure I was getting the emails. And still nothing on the ear buds. Any idea when they will ship? Haven’t seen any Jimmy emails either.

They are set to start shipping today. I can’t wait to give them a go!

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Thanks. Me too. Been looking forward to them since May.

So bummed I missed the presale! Anybody that is willing to I’d be up for a trade earbuds for Wyze car setup… the wife REALLY wants these! :grimacing:

I got my shipping notification yesterday.

I am still waiting to get mine. I pre ordered in May. Not sure how they are going about shopping them. Like first order or order of last name. I am just over here patiently waiting.

I have generally found its by order of order date.

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When did you place your order?

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Mine already shipped and out for delivery today!

5/11, It also appears as if they are out for delivery for today.

I will be comparing the Wyze Pro Buds to my Galaxy Buds plus and Echo Buds 2nd Gen