PSA: If you weren't in the first batch of Wyze Bud Pros shipments, expect to wait a few weeks :(

Jimmy just sent out his update and sadly, they’ve already shipped all on-hand inventory. So if you haven’t received a shipping notification yet you are probably gonna have to wait “a few weeks”. Sadly I do not appear to have been part of the first wave, but I didn’t order until June 1 so to be expected I suppose.

From the email:

Wyze Buds Pro

  • Orders were planned to start shipping sometime in August.

:point_right: Our first round started shipping on time, beginning 8/5!
:point_right: All of our on-hand inventory has already shipped. There may be a few weeks before we receive more due to seaport delays.


Hopefully second wave comes soon. I received the original email May 11 that these were available for pre-order. Ordered an hour after email was received. Apparently that wasn’t early enough to be in first round of shipping?!?!?!

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