Downloading app

Why do I have to give my credit card number before I can download this app.

Which app are you trying to download, for what device type, and from where? That sounds very suspicious to me.

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yeah, that is not required for the Wyze app. Something fishy going on.

Wyzecam app for security cameras @ the app store. Thanks for replying

Can you please post a screenshot of that page from the app store? You didn’t answer my question about what type of device, but since you said, “app store”, I’m going to speculate it’s an iOS device?

If it’s the Apple app store, then they do require a credit card before you can use it. They only charge when you approve a charge for a purchase, though.

The Apple app store requires a credit card first, eh? So, it’s probably not the download of the app triggering that question, but the Apple app store itself. Is that correct?

I’m on Android, so I’ve never seen the Google Play store ask for any payment information until I actually tried to download an app that required it.

That’s it. Thanks guys

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Could you please explain further. What did you figure out.

If there’s an app in the Apple App Store that is using Wyze branding and charging for the app, Wyze needs to know about it because that’s a trademark infringement.