Download notification clips

Can I download the notify clips from my Samsung phone to my desktop

You can Share the videos, in numerous ways, including copying them to your Google Drive, and sending them to any app that can handle a file of this type.


…which you do by tapping the Share button at the bottom of the screen while viewing a clip.

No need to upload videos to the cloud, if you don’t want. You can transfer videos directly to the computer using a cable or via Bluetooth.

Plug the phone into your desktop and by using the explorer go to:

  • My computer
  • Samsung S9 (or whichever you have)
  • Phone (folder)
  • Wyze (folder)
  • Camera (folder)
  • Video (folder) - where you can find notification videos

You can copy videos From the wyze folder Directly To a network Drive , or a pc on your network, Without plugging Your device into your computer ,With FX File Explorer Plus