Stream detection notifications(no DL) /Local stream notifications

So to start. Great job on all the work, these cameras are amazing and I’ve forcefully recommended them to everyone I know. This is a two part request but both are related

  1. I would love to see under notifications when you select a motion detection video to play instead of downloading to my device that they stream instead. The auto-download is frustrating as I have to delete the downloads on my device (android) for all notifications reviewed. Seems like no biggie but when reviewing 50 vids downloading all and deleting is cumbersome.

  2. Stream local content as notification with a timeline of motion detection. This sounds confusing even as I’m re-reading but, what I would like to see is the ability to turn off the cloud portion(under notifications) and stream notifications directly from the SD card. The local notifications would be shown similar to the notifications tab currently. Only way to do this currently is on the timeline and sliding the time left or right to see motion detection windows. This could enable motion detection for longer periods instead of a fixed notification recording. This is similar to the way YI home cameras manage notifications.

Thanks everyone!


Part 1: Please confirm you are referring to how viewed cloud clips currently end up in the phone’s gallery on Android?

Part 2: While not exactly the same, this relates to this existing topic, so you may want to hop over there and VOTE for that one too:

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Is there any way to get notifications (either from the Wyze app, IFTTT, or some other method) when a motion event is recorded to the SD card? That would be much more valuable to me than with the cloud events since there is a 5-minute cool-down period and several events can be missed in that time.