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Have tried the RSTP releases .49 ,50 and .51 but still have constant disconnects. Would like to try the earlier beta software to see if it is more stable. I understand that stay connected but has audio issue, that is not a problem for me. Any one know where I can obtain ?

.50 and .51 ??? is the latest RTSP version. Just verified that .49 is the current.

Yes you are correct, the .50 and .51 were debug releases and the .49 was the last general purpose beta release. Unfortunately none of these were stable in my environment, wanted to try an earlier release that another poster had indicated was much more stable (other than audio) than the .49 .50 and .51.

I have the if you can’t find it. I’ll put it up on a shared folder on my server.

That would be great, have not been able to locate it, have four V2 that I want to flash back and try before I give up and sell them ;> Will send a PM to avoid distributing my email.

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