Download files without internet access

Can I download files without internet access? I can create a local WiFi network (without internet access) that the wyzecam can connect to. Can I get the files off of the wyze cam into say a laptop? The reason I want this is that the camera is mounted such that removing the SD card from the camera is not trivial.

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Not at this time, but there is a #wishlist item you can vote on.

Direct access to SD card with download ability

The Wyze cam must check in at Wyze to start recording. There are a couple of threads on that issue.

I’ve a camera I can physically access but moving it from it’s mount and extracting/replacing the SD card is a pain.

One of the things I’ve been experimenting with is an SD card extension.

It’s been working about a month now 24/7. I’ve swapped out the SD card many times.


This micro SD extension cable is great. Thanks for the tip, Gemniii

How about this

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Have you actually used both of the products you posted?

No, I don’t have them , Just a Possibility
If I had I would have said cool, it works
you should try them out