Double shipping fees

Is it really $16 to ship 4 cameras and a spotlight or did I get charged double shipping because the spotlight already shipped but the cameras won’t ship until later? Both shipments say the shipping cost is $7.93 which seems crazy.


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This is most likely because the products will ship at different times. I don’t think you were overcharged. The V3s are shipping later due to higher demand.

I would also add to what @Brlepage said and if you feel there is an issue that you may have been over charged to contact support and they can get it cleared up.

WYZE Support

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Point is it seems crazy to charge me to ship a spotlight for a camera I don’t even have yet. There should be an option to ship all at once for one shipping fee instead of two.


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The lamp is very big even when it’s disassembled. It costs more because the package will be larger.

Everyone seems to be missing the point. I wasn’t given an option to combine shipping for items that I can’t use without the backlogged items. There should be an option to combine the items, especially since the memory card and cam light are useless without the cameras.

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