Dottie the Bully Hen saw me coming this time

Usually I have to come up to the screen behind the window to the left and tell her to get out of the younger ones’ coop at night.
The video wasn’t showing so here’s the link for YouTube.


Someone with media skills could extract a sound clip of
oh yeah you saw me coming didn’t you
and license it to the mods to play automatically when they enter an obstreperous thread. :grin:



Haha. Or I could just do a new one.

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Yes! Enterprising! :slight_smile:

Haha, loving these clips!

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Thanks. I’ll upload a quicky from the other day. One of my test pvc poles came down that was holding up the tarp in a spot that was sagging and I wanted to see why it came down, scaring the girls in the process.

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