Doorbell rain hood

Anyone know of anything for a Wyze doorbell pro that creates a little bit of a blockade on a doorbell camera? I have one mounted but it is right below an outdoor light. Well I get a significant glare from the light on the video. I can still see the area covered by the camera, but I get glare. I used my finger just to block out the light and made a HUGE difference. I searched for products and I see some silicone type ones for RING and Blink but nothing for Wyze. Can anyone help me out, or maybe if Wyze reads this, come up with some solutions for others in the same spot I am in.

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You might find a maker on Etsy or eBay who 3D prints them for the VDBPro, but it’s not something Wyze offers.

Alternatives are universal hoods like the ones sold on Amazon:

Plastic Rain Cover Universal Type Doorbell Waterproof Cover, Doorbell Rain Cover Shell Shelter Protection for Door Access Attendance Machine Doorbell Chime,Clear

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