Doorbell Pro MAC address is not the same on my router

So in the Wyze app my camera’s MAC address is 7C:78:B2:XX:YY:ZZ. Removed real MAC for security.
On my router I see that MAC Address but it always shows up as last seen sometime ago.
Right now it’s 24 minutes ago. Which corresponds to the last time the bell was rung.
I do see MAC address 7C:78:B2:XB:YB:ZB.
I’ve look at all devices in the app and that address does not show up.
Could this be part of the reason when the bell is rung that I can’t open the camera on the app?

Thanks for the info Tom G. I didn’t realize MAC addresses could cause a security problem.

I don’t have the VDBPro, but if I am not mistaken, your WiFi isn’t connecting to the Doorbell. It is connecting to the Chime and the Chime is connecting to the Doorbell. The Chime acts as a Bridge. The MAC you see in the Router should be the MAC for the Chime which should be printed on it’s label.


That was exactly it.
Thank you for the info.

Have a great day,


Well, even a blind :chipmunk: finds a :peanuts: every now and again. :grin: Glad you got it sorted.

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