Doorbell Pro DND in Rules

I’m trying to set up a shortcut for when my baby is napping that will turn on the baby cam & notifications and set our doorbell pro into DND mode. Is this possible? Elsewhere someone said they could schedule the on-off time for their original doorbell, so I thought surely the pro could do this. At the moment, however, all I can find is manually turning on DND in the doorbell pro’s settings. Thanks!

It would be a Scheduled Rule, not a schedule within the Doorbell.

You would go to rules and then on a selected schedule, set the Doorbell Action to Turn Off Notifications. Then at the end of the Schedule it would turn itself back on.

Or you can set 2 riles: One to turn off notifications at a certain time and another to turn on Notifications at another time.

If its a shortcut that you want to make, just make a “baby nap” shortcut, with the actions of “babycam - turn on” and “doorbell - turn off notifications”. Then make a second shortcut that is “baby wake”, with the actions “babycam - turn off” and “doorbell - turn on notifications”. Then you’ll need to manually tap each one when when you want it to activate the actions.

You’ll notice i didn’t include a notification action for baby cam. If you go into the camera settings when the camera is on and enable notifications, you wont need to include that action in the shortcut. Because when the camera is off, it wont send notifications, and when the camera is on, it will because the setting is enabled.

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Thanks to you both! I should have been more clear: my dog barks when the doorbell rings, and either could wake the baby. The “DND mode” I was referring to would mean that the ringer is disabled. I can figure everything else out but that.

Does turning off notifications for doorbell cam also turn off the chime itself? Manually unplugging the chime seems like such a clumsy solution, but my only alternative.

So DND will disable the actually Chime (the speaker plugged into your outlet) from Ringing. However, the chime on the physical doorbell will still sound - outside. this lets the individuals outside know the doorbell was rung.
Are you looking at turning off that sound as well?

I will need to check to see if you can turn off the sound on the physical doorbell.

No, I just want to turn off the internal chime. I can’t figure out how to do that in a rule. It doesn’t seem to be an option when I select my doorbell pro.

Here I go into my rule, and look at the Doorbell Pro options. No “enable DND” mode that I can see.


Ok, there is no Chime DND via a Rule. However, if you go to the App, Live Stream your Video Doorbell pro, Click on Settings (top Right), and Tap on Chime.

You can set DND their and the internal chime will not sound when the doorbell is pressed, I tested that. But it must be done manually. you can set a from and to time so that for that period DND will be active. Image Below:

You can add it as a wish item here:

Add More Triggers for Wyze Rules - Wishlist / In Progress - Wyze Forum

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That’s what I was afraid of. Huge miss. There’s no way I’m going to get my wife to go through that many taps every time she puts the baby down for a nap, much less remember to turn it back on when he wakes up.

The wish list item you pointed to is for more TRIGGERS. I think I’d need to request a new ACTION.

Here is the rules wish Items