Doorbell Notification Always On

I have notifications turned on for all 15 of my cameras and my Doorbell. I use the little bell in the top right corner to disable notifications when I am home. While this does what I want for the cameras while I am home I would like the Doorbell to still give me a notification when someone pushed the doorbell. If I am out in my garage or by the pool I cannot hear the chime.

Just to repeat myself, I would like a feature added to ALWAYS send notifications for the doorbell regardless of whether the notification bell is on or off. If you could add this to Camera’s it would be nice too for a camera that you would always like to know!
Thank you!

I have been asking for this feature for some time now and have my doubts we’ll ever see it.


I too have asked for it. I brought it up when they announced the bell as I foresaw this issue. I have since abandoned all notifications except the doorbell. Poor way to use the ecosystem


This is especially important for Android. Not sure if iOS has the same issue or not, but this is such an important feature it is forcing me to consider moving back to my old video doorbell :frowning:.

In order to make this possible, it would be as simple as just adding another notification type for doorbell chimes.

Yes this is so annoying. I just asked about a on/off switch like the other cams have