Doorbell - Multiple Push Rings?

I currently have a Ring doorbell and last weekend it failed me (more so than usual)…I injured myself outside in front of it and was bleeding to the point I couldn’t come inside or I’d get it all over the carpet. My girlfriend was sleeping and so I rang the doorbell…she ignored the first ring thinking it was just a delivery. Here’s the problem, despite repeatedly pressing the button it won’t ring (chime) again for 30 or 60 seconds (felt like forever).

So the question, does the Wyze doorbell chime ring multiple times if pressed multiple times like a normal old school doorbell (as it should!)?

Sorry to hear what happened. I just tested what you asked, pressed the doorbell multiple times, and it rang each time I pressed it. There was no delays.


You rock, thanks for testing!! Guess a Wyze doorbell will be added to my growing collection of Wyze products haha.