Doorbell keeps security door from closing

We installed our video doorbell. We used the horizontal 30 degree panel because the doorbell is perpendicular to our front door.

Now, our security door won’t close all the way because the security plate hits it.

What have others done if they encounter this?


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I’m having a hard time visualizing this. If you post a snapshot of the mounted doorbell with the security door closed where it hits it, I’m sure users can suggest some possible solutions.

If the doorbell, because of the horizontal wedge pointing the doorbell toward the door, is now leaning in too far, you might have to move it.

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Can you post a picture of how it is mounted so that we can provide a few suggestions?



Here you go

Perhaps flip the wedge 180° and mount it on the face of the framing so it then points inward toward the walkup?


Made some changes above now that I was able to get a better look.

It appears you are using a Vertical Wedge, not a Horizontal Wedge. This will point the cam downward. Also, the surface I marked appears to be on the same plane as the existing mount so the existing Vertical Wedge you are using can be used in its current configuration if you move the cam there.

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I could move the cam to the trim… I’d just have the unsightly wires

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Yes. The wires would be an issue to solve.

If I were doing it, I would drill a small hole, just big enough for the wires, starting about an inch in from the left side of the trim. I would drill that hole at an angle so that the drill would exit the trim at the seam where the trim meets the wall on which the doorbell is currently mounted, at the exact height the wires currently exit.

That way the wire can be routed the couple inches from the existing hole over to, and thru, the trim to the back of the doorbell.

If I were exceptionally ambitious, I would also slot the wall slightly with an oscillating multi tool just enough for the wires to lay into it, wood putty the slot over the wires, sand, and repaint so the original hole and wire are undetectable.

The other option would be the battery operated Wyze Doorbell Pro.

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