Doorbell is not playing videos

Not able to play captured video i. WYZE app.Doorbell error as shown in Wyze app

That looks like the error message from the server when an event video didn’t upload correctly or got corrupted on the way there.

Are you getting that consistently for every video event the doorbell uploads?

Yes on all videos. I get the notice push with . But when trying to play, nothing

That is interesting. I have encountered this ocasionally, but not on every video upload.

Do you have other cams on your account? Are they doing this?

Do you have any problems streaming the cam to the app when on WiFi or when on Cell Data?

Do you have a CamPlus subscription on the doorbell?

Have you done a power cycle?

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I’m having the same issue since installing the doorbell cam about 2 months ago. Can see live video but can’t play videos triggered on motion. If i hover over the motion boxes on the timeline, i see a single snapshot, but when released, the dial just goes round and round. Other v3 cams on the same network work fine. Any ideas?

I’m having a hard time visualizing what it is in the App you are “hovering” over and not sure what timeline you are talking about. Can you post a screenshot from the app to help illustrate the issue?

SlabSlayer: I have 3 screensots: 1-Real time video is fine. 2-Scrolling to any previous videults in black screen with the revolving wheel forever. 3-If I hover over any video event with my finger, I see a still image from that video.
How do I attach them?

This is also a problem for us, but only on my Samsung galaxy A12 phone.
Works fine (video plays) on my Samsung galaxy tablet.
Version of app is the same on each device.
Hope this helps

I use Chrome on Android, but to attach screenshots I use this button in the forum Post Text Entry \ Edit dialog box:

jtgoonen1425 - I have the same problem with both my Galaxy Tab A tablet and Samsung A43 phone, both android.

SlabSlayer - Thx for the upload tip. Not sure these are in the order I described above but, in short, real time video of the flag is fine. Scrolling back to any previous clip results only in black screen. But if I keep my finger on it, then I get a still of that clip.

Order of the photos is reversed…

Understand the issue. Thank you for the visuals. That helps immensely!

Tested on my current App version, Android 11 Moto G, CamPlus Video Doorbell V1 w\ FW, and could not reproduce. Able to drag the timeline back to the left limit and view all events, click on an event and it loads and plays.

Because I do not see the CamPlus logo in the top right of your display, I will assume you do not have CamPlus assigned to the doorbell.

I unassigned my VDBv1 from CamPlus and initiated motion events without it. I was able to play the resulting 12s video using the links at the bottom of Live View.

Do those event videos show and play in the Events Tab when you filter events just for the doorbell? If they do, and the videos play normally, then it is definitely an issue with the UI on the doorbell live stream.

Make sure you have the most up to date app installed and your doorbell is updated to the latest firmware.

If both of those are up to date and it is still happening, I would suspect that it is a conflict with the specific device OS you are using.

Partial success… Doorbell Cam vidoes are now displaying on my phone but still a no go on my tablet.


Doorbell Cam FW (current)
Plugin ver (?)
WiFi LAN 2.4GHz, Sig Strength=3

Samsung Galaxy A32 5G
Android 12
Wyze app updated Nov 21, 2022 (current)

Samsung Galaxy Tab A SM-T290
Android 11
Wyze app updated Nov 21, 2022 (current)

Correct. I did not have CamPlus on the Doorbell Cam but signed up tonight. Checked my phone only after activating CamPlus so dont know if it worked on the phone before that. Also, I probably have not checked the Doorbell Cam on my phone since the Nov 21 app update.

Videos dont play on the tablet in either the Events or Home tabs. (Same on the phone previously.) Video downloads also fail.

I’ve cleared the Wyze app cache and restarted the tablet. It has 32GB ram with about 3GB free, not a lot but videos from my other 9 V3 and V2 cams play and download fine.

Hope this helps…

Check your app version on the A32 5G . If your version number is what you have posted, it is 3 versions out of date as that version was released Sep 29th. There have been 3 versions released since then. It should be the same version as what is in the tablet.

It seems right now, since you don’t know if the phone was an issue previously and it is working correctly now, that this is a Tablet compatibility issue. And, since the Event Tab videos are also affected there, it seems to support this theory.

Just for giggles, on the tablet try this and see if it makes any difference… In Account, click App Settings and then turn on Enable Hardware Decoder.

SlabSlayer: OK, checked Enable Hardware Decoder…it was ON. I turned it OFF but no video clips either way.

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Looks like a tablet compatibility issue. I would post the details in the App Release thread:

Ok I updated the App to but no change. I’ll repost my tablet issue to the Wyze App Hotfix topic per your suggestion. Thanks!

Not a issue anymore.

Now that you have updated the app to and the incompatibility remains, this now needs to be reported in the thread.

They aren’t going to fix an old app version.