Doorbell Camera Night Vision Feedback

Since installing my doorbell I have a crazy feedback that starts when the night vision enables. I’ve tried two different power supplies (18v, 500mA and 24V, 500mA). Doorbell has latest firmware and has been reset multiple times. Disabling and re-enabling night vision does not fix it. Even rebooting and power cycling does not fix it. It will randomly resolve itself then return that evening.

Quick video:

Once the feedback starts the camera becomes unusable. Causing repeated motion detection events. The camera becomes unresponsive sometimes.

I opened a support ticket on March 8th, Ticket #: 1091254. After some troubleshooting on the 9th support has been MIA. I really just want a replacement doorbell sent out.

Has anyone else had this problem?

I had that happen once the other day when I installed it, I thought it had to do with what the subject was doing in front of my door, it’s only happened once so I have not been all that concerned.

This happens every day on my unit. If it works during the day it’s great but as soon as it gets close to turning on the night vision this happens. Goes all night and into the next day.

I have only had mine installed since Friday, but if it will help bug test I can try some stuff latter this evening to make it go on and off and see what happens. You should download some of those clips and send them in with logs and include your ticket in the message, then add the Ticket id here as well.

If you have night vision on, you need to have the white light LED off. Otherwise when the led turns on, the night vision switches to color mode and then the Led turns off and it just keeps repeating this loop forever…

Thanks for the advice! I will disable that setting and let it run tonight.

White light LED is turned off and here is what happened this evening. I toggled night vision on and off a few times. This progressively got worse over 15 minutes to this point. Started throwing false positive motion detection events during this clip.

Still nothing from Wyze support today.

Your doorbell is defective. Possibly a bad capacitor or image sensor. Send that video in to wyze.

Request a replacement. Here’s my night vision recording (manual, not motion activated).

Finally called the support number. Agent answered right away. Finally pushed through the warranty replacement. No idea why the online agent went MIA but thank you Johnny for taking care of replacement. Hoping to have a proper doorbell soon!

Jonny’s kickin it! I processed my warranty replacement with him last week, and it has already shipped out. Good luck!