Doorbell camera issue

Can anybody tell me why my doorbell camera looks like this?

I can’t speak specifically to this instance or device, but I can tell you why exact same thing happens on other cameras in general. Sometimes cameras do that when

  1. There is some kind of IR interference (including stuck filter)
  2. Some kind of light source just outside the frame causing a reflection on the surcases inside the camera module and onto the camera sensor.
  3. Camera sensor gets damaged by heat/excessive light on the sensor

I would guess that an IR light is messed up and shining weird, but I see you have nightvision off, and it doesn’t appear any outside lights are hitting the lens/sensor. Could be a heating/lens burnout issue, but it seems weird.

Try rebooting your camera. Also change some settings like making sure the built-in spot light is off. Maybe try switching night vision on or off or the IR settings. Try a few of those things and see if you notice a difference, and check back. Also, try to adjust the camera slightly, even if just a millimeter…could be a weird wavelength hitting it we can’t see, or stand in front of it and block any other light that could be going into the lens directly. Let us know if any of that makes any difference. It is certainly strange in this instance. It isn’t uncommon for cameras to have this purple/pinkish tint thing happen, but the usual causes don’t appear evident upfront. Are you sure the correct amount of power is going into the device?

(I don’t work for or represent Wyze, just throwing out some ideas to try to help). Worst case scenario, contact support and see if they can issue a replacement. They’ll walk you through some troubleshooting as well.


But isn’t the most common cause that the IR cut filter in the lens gets stuck? Sometimes giving it a good whack frees it…


Yeah, sounds completely reasonable to me:

Works for lots of stuff.
(Clarification: I am not being sarcastic either)


The thing is that when I got it, I tested it inside the house powering it with a micro usb power cord. It all started when I plugged it to the wall.

Honestly you should probably exchange it while you can.


I kept mine running in my office on a micro-usb cord in my office for a week or two before I finally got around to a normal installation. I did all kinds of test with it during those 2 weeks. I never got weird color tints in my video though, so that is weird that it happened to you after you did it.

Just FYI, I read somewhere that if you use the Micro-USB port it officially voids the warranty because it can ruin the weather resistant rating, though I am not sure if that is only if you use it outside or if you use it at all, or only if the damage is water/dust related, or if that is just to discourage people from using it. I have known Wyze help with replacements even when something didn’t actually qualify under the warranty anymore for the issue. They have pretty awesome customer service in my experience…it can be slow, and some people get annoyed at all the troubleshooting they make you try first, but my end result has always been phenomenal with them.

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Mine did thd same thing think until I connected the chime. Maybe I restated it and pushed tbe doorbell. Did you try deleting the devivice and reinstall.

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I did. I tried everything. Fortunately I reached out to Wyze and a replacement is on the way.

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