Wyze Doorbell purple tint

After 18 months of use my Wyze doorbell developed a purple tint. Although the picture sure is great at night! :wink:

Has anyone else had this problem and managed to get the IR filter to release on the Wyze doorbell? I have tried unsuccessfully tapping the camera.

I have seen where some have experienced this and may have corrected it by simply cycling through the night Vision settings: Auto, On, Off.

This may help you as well.

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Tried that, along with power-cycling the device and tapping on the camera while cycling through the night vision settings. I’m going to replace the device with another brand. My other camera’s that have the Cam Plus subscription have lately failed to provide AI notifications. Wyze has not been a reliable service for me and I’m researching more reliable solutions.

I had this same issue after customer service was no help at all. Literally the worst customer service ive ever had. I found a solution on my Cam V2. I removed the magnet that is in the base of the cam. And swiped a magnet across the lens till i heard the infrared switch off. The magnet in some of the base of Cam V2s is to strong and disrupts the infrared from switching off. The purple is caused by the infrared not switching off