Don't buy wyse!

Wrong, the building is NOT secure, and has NOT been secure for days now, cannot view ANY of the events on the cloud at all. [Mod Edit] Security has been breeched for days now as a result of this Wyze Cam fiasco.

It has nothing to do with other people’s experience, and other people’s experience has nothing to do with my particular problem, and it IS a problem for people to interject their phony praise of how well THEIR cameras are working and how satisfied they are with THEIR cameras, That is an apologist for Wyze and … it is very disingenuous.

Wyze alters the post to slow mode, so you can only reply to ** 1 person per hour ** in an attempt to prevent you from chewing them up and spitting them out, criticism of which they are perfectly deserving.

I bought a Lorex Security Cam package

End of story

Thank you

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