Donate Cameras to Schools and/or Places of Worship

Offer an option to donate x number of dollars in addition to our subscription to go directly to donating cameras to schools and/or places of worship, especially in low-income neighborhoods.

@jadrk121816 I like it! I’ve moved your post over to the #wishlist for consideration by Wyze. Make sure to scroll up to the top and VOTE for it.


What about schools and places of worship that aren’t Christian?

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Any schools, churches, etc. My thoughts are you could donate an extra dollar to your plus, protector or monitor subscriptions. The money would go into a pool and organizations can request cameras.

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Nothing in the request seems to suggest limiting it to Christian churches, nor would Wyze be limited by a single user’s description even if it were.

I think Wyze would view the general request more in terms of donating to organizations that could benefit from it, and not necessarily limited to schools and churches.

I know Wyze has donated cameras to some miscellaneous organizations in the past.

  • I remember distinctly when they donated 80 cameras to the Amarillo Zoo in Texas, for example. That is one of the few that received some good public notice.
  • They also donated 1,000 cameras to UW ECE through the “Wyze in Response” community outreach program to help with the pandemic situation.
  • They also recently donated Air Purifiers to customers located within East Palestine.
  • They also have a cool partnership where they have students present capstone projects to present AI features or app design changes with the intent of giving back to the local academic community.

I’m sure there are several others I’m just not aware of because a lot of them aren’t really publicized broadly.

They seem to be open to good ideas of things they can consider for helping communities within their expertise rather than just throw random money around. So ideas of things involving cameras, etc seem to be welcome things for them to take into consideration.


The choice of “Church” implies Christian, rather than places of worship. In today’s world, many other religions are ignored or disliked. Just want this wish list item to be inclusive.


Thanks for making the change to the title.

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No problem - Easy to change. :slight_smile: