Does Wyze's IFTTT Service Work with Cam Pan Running RTSP Firmware?

Hi folks, a proud new owner of a Wyze Pan over here with a quick question!

I’ve updated the Pan’s firmware to the RTSP version and have placed it in my garage.

However, in addition to the RTSP functionality, I also want to use the Pan as a motion sensor (to turn the garage lights off after no motion is detected for 10 minutes).

The current plan do this is:
IFTTT Webhooks :arrow_right: Home Assistant :arrow_right: HomeKit

Does anyone know if Wyze’s IFTTT integration works with the Wyze Pan camera running the RTSP firmware?


Just a heads up for any folks who may also have this question that I got a response on Reddit from Arthur @ Wyze:

FYI: If I do run into issues, I’ll probably be documenting them / discussing them further on that Reddit thread: