Does Wyze sell or plan to sell a Lamp-socket pan camera?

Does Wyze sell or plan to sell a pan camera that screws into a Lamp Socket ?

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The lamp socket accessory is available for the v3 cam to provide power from the lamp socket and control the light bulb.

Edit sorry just read cam pan :man_facepalming:

Yea use the #wishlist

Good idea , add it to the wishlists

You may be able to use the cam pan on that socket though, you won’t be able to control it but may be able to get power from it.

I think @tomac14 was thinking along something like this ? There are dozens off different ones out there.


Yes, that is exactly what I’m looking for, but I would like to buy it from Wyze and have a Wyze V3 Camera inside.
Wyze, please add this to your products. Thanks.


Ah, that would be cool! Create a post in the #wishlist with these details. Make sure to vote for it!


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