Does the Wyze Outdoor Camera need a protective case

I just purchased four outdoor cameras and a base station and at some point I was told that I needed to purchase cases to cover the cameras from the elements. So, I purchased one from Amazon and it does not even come close to fitting the camera inside. Do the outdoor cameras need cases? And if so, where can one purchase on that actually fits as I can not find them on the Wyze site. Jeffrey

no, the outdoor cameras ( the battery operated cams) are sealed and can be put outside in the elements. I have seen them buried in snow, left in rain, and on one occasion stolen by a dog, so it survived dog teeth and saliva as well.

I think what you read was in regard to the Wyze cam V2 which is an indoor cam but many people used outdoors ( with 3rd party cases) with a fair amount of success.

the new V3 camera is also outdoor rated like the outdoor cam so that can be outdoors as well but the catch with that one is the plug for power when you would generally have it plugged into a wall outlet has to be protected.

hope that gives you some insight into the set ups :slight_smile: