Does the Camera and Stream Really Turn Off?

I have learned through a circuit trip that a camera appears to always be online even when turned off in the application. When the plug had no current I noticed that the no cloud symbol showed up on my phone but all the other cameras showed Off. Are the cameras always connected to the cloud even when turned off? If so why? I find that a security problem since the stream could be hacked.

The power remains on when turned “off” to maintain the cameras WiFi connection. If it was completely off, then it couldn’t accept an IoT command to resume recording and streaming when turning it back “on”.

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Good point. So to my security concern; how can I be sure only I can turn on or view the stream? My assumption is to take any action the command is sent from my device to the server then to the camera. How can I be sure no one has hijacked the camera server connection? My LAN and WiFi is locked down and I have no control over Comcast but do control all other applications which access my LAN and devices.

The IoT command is sent from your account, on your app, on your device (which the camera is associated with), to the Wyze servers to be authenticated, and then back to the camera. The best way is not to share your credentials with anyone else. Granted, there is always a chance of MitM attacks, but that is inherent with any device in your home attached to the internet. It comes down to whether or not you are willing to accept the risk. Here are a couple of Wyze support articles on security and privacy. I would peruse those and decide if you want to accept the risk, or not.