Does Stretch Reminder work for anyone?

I have a Watch 47 with Samsung s22. I finally got all the notifications to work properly but not the Stretch Reminder. I’ve rebooted the watch and removed/added the watch to my list of devices on the Wyze app. But still doesn’t work. I’ve tried changing the start time to a point in the future (like an hour) still no reminders. Anyone else with a Samsung have this problem?

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I saw your post yesterday and I ended up testing it for myself , and I experienced the same thing. I turned on stretch reminder from 7 pm - 12 am and I didn’t get a single notification on the watch reminding me to stretch.

Really odd.

What app version are you using and what’s the FW for your watch? I’m on the V2.42.0(292) on a Samsung Galaxy S20 FE and the watch fw is 0.12.49

I am on the same FW as you. Using a Samsung S22. Up to date FW and Android OS.

I have my Stretch Reminder set for 9a to 4p. The only reminder I received was at a random time around 2:40p.

The reminder acts so erratically that I can’t seem to put my finger on a reason for it.

This frustrates me as I thought that feature was cool.

What can I do to trouble shoot?

It doesn’t seem like anyone on the forum is complaining about it.

Hey, yes so I still have the stretch reminder notification turned on from 12 pm - 11 pm and yesterday I was sitting down and I got a reminder on the watch. It only happened once, I was just sitting down on my phone the entire time

It looks like you have to be really still for the watch to recognize that you’ve been sitting down for a while, probably something to do with the sensor. It is a cheap watch, so theirs probably cheap material being used and it won’t accurately defect things.

Idk what trouble shooting steps to do, maybe a restart, I think you just have to be really still while sitting down for 50 minutes for it to detect it and then notify you

The watch isn’t a real priority for Wyze rn, it is the year of the camera and wyze has drifted away from the lifestyle products honestly

Yeah that makes sense. This is my first smartwatch and for the price, I’m not unhappy.

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New to this watch (won’t call it smart) and did get the reminder once over 5 last week. I agree, probably need to be near motionless for it to trigger. I type, get on the phone and do standard desk things while working. That’s apparently to much. :⁠-⁠\

This post piqued my interest because it’s been my experience that if I set Stretch Reminder to be on with a Start Time of 07:00 and End Time of 00:00, I never receive any movement reminder. If I change End Time to 23:59, then it works.

I think this is a bug, but I haven’t yet taken the time to report it (and I do get the Fix-It Friday reminders). It seems to have a problem with the on/off settings spanning midnight.

I get reminders from my watch-47mm while doing “standard desk things”. Maybe my use of a Dvorak layout doesn’t allow for enough movement of my left wrist. :wink:

I also get movement reminders while driving long distance, so at least it’s working (as long as I have the End Time set in the way the watch seems to like).

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