Does RTSP require an Internet connection?

To those that have set up RTSP on a Wyze cam: Does a Wyze cam running RTSP require an Internet connection? Or can it go device-to-device without any connection to the Internet?

You need an internet connection when setting up the camera and sometimes when it power cycles. For RTSP itself, it does not require an internet connection. You would need to use static IP’s for the cameras via your router.

I setup my 2xV2 cameras using RTSP (to TinyCam) and except for the aforementioned conditions have the camera’s MAC addresses blocked from accessing the internet (via my router).

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Sometimes when it power cycles?

I meant to say that if it resets due to a loss of power.

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I think most situations, where internet is a prbolem, the need to connect to the internet after a power reset, means that it is not of use. For example, if you want to use the cameras at a remote cabin, without internet access, or in your camper during a road trip with spotty internet access, it would not be a viable option to use the RTSP.


Can someone on the Wyze dev team chime in and indicate whether or not there will be any effort to make their software/cameras function on an offline LAN? If not, I’ll be finding a different camera company and not ordering the other half-dozen cams I planned to buy from you guys.

It’s not just off-grid people like myself that want this. It’s also for the security-conscious. You’re shutting yourself out of a pretty good sized market if this isn’t addressed. I was going to recommend these to friends, family, and neighbors but I can’t do that as it stands…

At least there is an RTSP option as a last ditch kinda thing, but it still requires internet to even add the camera to the app so that RTSP can be turned on in the first place. I guess I have to go look like a fool in the library parking lot 10 miles away. Big disappointment…


I just got one of these cameras and was under the impression you could run RTSP without the internet. I’m getting a 404 when trying to download the RTSP firmware so I’m unable to test but I can say that the camera isn’t viewable in the app if you reboot the camera while the internet is blocked (DHCP reservation with the gateway set to But I’m crossing my fingers that I would still be able to access it via RTSP when in this state. If it doesn’t then I guess I wasted my money on this cam and will not be buying anymore.

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