Does Muting Notifications also Mute Smoke Alarms and CO2 Alarms?

With my kids out of school, they are out playing around the house, and so I am muting notifications from Wyze since I’m getting a ton of them while I am at work. But that got me thinking… will Wyze still notify me if there is a smoke alarm or CO2 alarm? Or are those muted as well? (To any Wyze employees, I would hope that those alarms are not mute, or if that is an option that they could be muted separately.)

That’s a really good question. I haven’t used the smoke/CO2 alarm option but I would assume muting all Wyze app notifications would also mute smoke alarms. That’s probably expected behavior.

If you’re using a shortcut or manually turning notifications off for a particular camera, that’s a different question and I’m not sure how smoke alarms would be handled. Has anyone tested this or am I going to be testing a smoke alarm when I get home? :slight_smile:

Yes, I am using the in app shortcut for muting notifications.

Using the universal action ‘mute notifications’ will also mute CO2/smoke alarm notifications. I tested it this week. Hopefully there is some way to work around this.